Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Flynn Lives!

"Flynn Lives!"

Blog? Sure.

Biohacking? By the boat load.

Engineering? Not so much since the website's inception, until now.

Like many, I thoroughly enjoyed Tron Legacy and eagerly await TR3N, if a trilogy is in its franchise future. Back in the land of "the users", we are not befriended by self-manifesting Olivia Wilde's, or enrobed in suits of light. The latter, now possible thanks to the folks at Adafruit, I was able to upgrade a simple jacket into a Kevin Flynn flashback inspired piece.

The jacket had a waist band adjuster, which made a perfect chase for wires from one side to the other, allowing me to have an EL strip on each side of the jacket and a 2xAA inverter in one of the pockets.

It was my first time using a stitch puller. I needed to open up the chase to add grommets to both ends of the chase and solder the connectors, which were too large to fit through the grommets.

I had to perforate the clear periphery of the EL tape every eighth inch or so to affix it to the jacket with transparent thread. The result...worthy of the users.

I still need to repair the places the stitch puller did its work, but it will be several months before it is warm enough to wear this light of a jacket in these parts of the grid.

Stay well engineered,


End of Line.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

No Sugar

I have listened to countless hours of podcasts, watched many hours of lectures, read a dozen books but all the while the proof has been staring me in the face. Notice that the nutritional information for one medium orange shows there appears to be no dietary requirement for Trans Fat, Sugar or Protein. Is it that there is no requirement, or is it that they do not want you to know what the requirements are? (Hint: zero trans fat, zero sugar, and moderate protein).

Stay well engineered,


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