Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Back in Ketosis!

My fasting glucose dropped by over 40 mg/dL over the course of the day and I was focused, clear-minded and, least of all, not hungry thanks to my Bulletproof Coffee. There was a that point just before I went home that I felt a little sick, but once my body got with the program, I could feel the blood returning to my head with all those glorious Ketones.

You will note that in the chart above that the concentration of the Ketone, Beta Hydroxybutyrate, is so much smaller than glucose that I had to scale up the values 1000x to show a comparatively similar swing a I had in glucose.

In the past months I have recorded some of my worst blood sugar readings that I can recall. I will not say what it was or when it was, but it did get me thinking. If I believed in the Energy Balance theory, what would it take to burn off the excess blood sugar?

For example, if I had a fasting blood sugar of 110 mg/dL and my target blood sugar was 85 mg/dL, I would be in a surplus of 25 mg/dL. Assuming that I have 50 dL of blood, I would have an excess of 1250mg (1.25g) of sugar in my blood. At 4 calories per gram, I would be in an energy surplus of  only 5 Calories.

If this was true, then I could chew off my calories surplus with a stick of gum. If this was true, anyone who overate carbohydrates by 5 calories, would have high fasting blood sugar. Clearly, neither are true. So, something about this paradigm is incorrect. It is the glucose, not the calories. It has always been about the glucose.

Stay well engineered,

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