Friday, December 2, 2016

Stand Up for Your Health

I started reading Dr. Kelly Starrett's new book, Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World, on my flight to California for the 2016 Bulletproof Biohacking Conference, and it opened my eyes to just how bad sitting is for you and what to do to minimize nonessential sitting and incorporate better movement habits into your day. In fact, you can start by standing up while you read this post.

Why You Should Read It

This five year Australian study of middle-aged and older adults found that smoking, alcohol intake, poor diet, physical inactivity, prolonged sitting, and poor sleep were all factors in the deaths observed and that all but the diet had strongest relationship. Dr. James Levine of the MAYO Clinic wrote that sitting for more than two hours per day is associated with a 50% increase in death from any cause, and 125% increase in cardiovascular related events.

Why You Should Read it Standing Up

This article from CBS News reports that MAYO Clinic proceedings showed prolong sitting negated the benefits of exercise and was an indicator of health regardless of exercise. Starrett observed similar relationship with the injury and recovery rates of collegiate athletes who spend the majority of their waking hours sitting.

Why Your Boss Should Let You Stand at Work

Research from Texas A&M found a 46% increase in productivity when the call center being studied switched form sitting to standing desks and 75% of the employees reported less body discomfort as a result of standing. The increase in productivity between standing and sitting was maintained, even when productivity of both groups declined over the course of the summer months.

So I Bought a Varidesk

Determined to decrease the amount of time I sat at work, I bought a standing desk. I was not sure how I would take to standing, so I bought a VARIDESK which can convert from a seated position to a standing position almost effortlessly. Surprisingly, I have never used the seated position, though the VARIDESK also makes fine tuning your standing position a breeze as well. If you think the VARIDESK looks too institutional, you might like The Upstanding Desk or StandStand which are made of wood and can be stained different colors.

Standing Does Not Have to Be Expensive

Standing does not have to be expensive and the Spark by Ergodriven is a very affordable solution. While I have VARIDESK at work, I have a Spark at home. Both are very solid solutions depending on your budget. 

So, checkout Deskbound and start standing more today.

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