Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fall, Falling Off the Wagon and the HCG Diet

The leaves are falling, and yesterday morning it actually snowed a little bit. With the fall air comes football, wings, beer and pizza. With these things, my weight-loss progress has come to a halt and I feel the brain fog returning. With only a couple weeks before Thanksgiving, during which I plan to enjoy myself, a conscious decision must be made not to decline further.

Speaking of getting back on the wagon, a coworker asked me what I thought about the HCG Diet (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) developed by Dr. Simeon in the 1950’s but popularized by the likes of Dr. Oz and Kevin Trudeau.  Like you, I know some people that have done well with the HCG diet. While HCG has been documented in proximity to weight loss, it is my opinion that it is a low carbohydrate, ultra-low calorie, diet of 500 Calories per day for 8 weeks that is true cause of the weight loss.

Do the math: -1500 Calories * 7 days * 8 weeks = -84000 Calories = -24 lbs*

*Not including the water weight lost when your blood sugar normalizes.

I, personally, am concerned about taking any substance that would affect the hypothalamus, a gland responsible for hormone secretion beyond those that control fat storage, without properly understanding it, but with 500 Calories per day my primary concern is compliance.

Starving yourself is much harder than tricking your body into thinking it is starving.

During the winter months, our ancestors would eat dried meat and fat and dried nuts and seeds. Native Americans called it “pemmican”. I think my ancestors called it “sausage” and roasted nuts.  The point is: our ancestors would eat a more balanced diet including fruits and starchy vegetables during the summer months, and then subsist off of what they could store inside their body and other vessels. If they had electricity, natural gas, firearms, and  a basic understanding of microorganisms, they would have had better infant mortality rates, which is the true source of the misnomer that our ancestors had a low average life span (Average vs. Mode).

This is why the Paleo / Primal / Ancestral Health movements made so much sense to me: Eat like a caveman, look like a caveman, and maybe will less brain fog, I will "discover fire".

The progression to Bulletproof Coffee and Biohacking in general was just the natural progression for a Technically-minded person such as myself.

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