Sunday, July 19, 2015

Water Quality, Part 2

My post on Water Quality generated a lot of offline discussions and a couple suggestions.

First: What is pH?

The pH is the measure of the of H+ ions in solution. Acids have high H+ concentrations.

The water sample on the left is the bottled water I drink most often which, to my surprise was more acidic than usual. This might require a larger study. 

The next water sample is my tap water, which comes from a community well. I have always enjoyed the taste and it appears it it is very neutral pH.

The next water sample is the tap water from work. The city of Milwaukee has not always had the best water, but has been widely praised in recent years. While the pH was also very neutral this is the result of an extensive treatment process and certainly some chemicals.

The last water sample is a popular electrolyte beverage for infants...and apparently middle-aged men after a weekend in Vegas...You will note it is quite acidic.

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