Friday, August 5, 2016

Hack Your Junkmail

I have been redirecting email from outside my organization to an "external" folder for several months now. It allowed me to focus on only emails from from within my organization, sister and parent organizations and priority vendors only.

However, this required me to pick through the "external" email folder for important emails to salvage and delete the rest. Most of the emails that were being filtered out were basically junk mail, but I did not necessarily want to unsubscribe from all the emails ( because there would occasionally be an article, webinar or vendor that I wanted to hear from. Recently, I thought better of it:

Move all "external" email to the Deleted Items folder.

So I created a Microsoft Outlook Rule that moved all emails with the "@" symbol (all emails that I am aware of) to the Deleted Items folder, except the specific email addresses and domains (like within my organization) .

If I find that I am salvaging too many emails from a particular vendor or domain, I can move them once, update the rule, and never have to worry about that source again. Just another step closer to achieving true Inbox Zero at work.

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