Friday, October 28, 2016

Bulletproof Biohacking Conference, Day 2

I did not get much sleep last night and was wide awake by 5:30 AM local time. It might have been caused by all the Bulletproof Coffee I drank yesterday, or my circadian rhythm is still messed up from being in three different time zones this week.

At least two of the devices in the Tech Hall are designed to correct your circadian rhythm, but I really like the Humancharger. While my red sunglasses are intended to block blue light prior to sleep, the Humancharger emits white and blue light deep into your head to help reset your circadian rhythm.

I made good use of my early start to catch up on email and arrive at the Pasadena Conference Center in time for Dave Asprey's opening address.

Neil Strauss: Running a Virus Scan on Your Mental Operating System

Neil Strauss was the keynote speaker. His presentation was regarding how our emotional framework is established when we are young, inverted in our teens and and then presents in a fashion as adults. The major take away was having the humility to evaluate your own system beliefs.

Dave Asprey: Hacking the Power of Light

Dave Asprey spoke about the importance light on your health. The UVB found in sunlight is responsible for the conversion of Vitamin D3 to D-Sulfate and the up regulation of testosterone. Unless you live in the D3 Zone (33 degrees North to 33 degrees South), you are likely not getting enough UVB to stimulate these reactions. Tanning beds are starting replace UVB lamps in the face region with red and infrared bulbs as this stimulates collagen production. Speaking of red light therapy, Dave pointed out the Bulletproof Red Charger in the Bulletproof Lab is like a tanning bed but with thousands of red and infrared LED's instead of UV tubes. Dave talked about the importance of color when it comes to Irlen Syndrome, of which Dave is afflicted. 

Harry Adelson: Stem Cells - Here, Now and How

Dr. Harry Adelson gave a very nice overview how stem cell therapy has evolved over the years. I thought Stem Cell research stalled when the unethical means of obtaining them was abolished, but apparently it is legal to remove your own stem cells and transplant them the same day (Autologous Stem Cells). 

Dr. Tyna Moore: Barbells and Stem Cells

Dr. Tyna Moore gave a presentation on how physical activity can improve the quality of your stem cells in addition to all the other benefits of exercise, least of all being "harder to kill".

Leanne Venier: From Photos to Biophotons to Flow: The Power of Color & Light for a Bulletproof Body & Brain.

Leanne Venier's talk dovetailed nicely with Dave's on Hacking the Power of Light. Leanne covered everything from blue light therapy for acne and babies with jaundice, to red and near-infrared therapy for inflammation and immune function. Leane stressed the importance of LED light over LASER light: coherence. LASER light is coherent, that is to say all the waves are organized to peak at the same time, making them more intense and likely to cause damage to your cells.

I was pretty exhausted by the end of day two, but it was definitely worth it. I highly recommend attending next year for the Tech Hall and sense of Community alone, but it is nice to know that you can buy access and watch all of the talks from the Bulletproof Conference online.

Stay well engineered,

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