Friday, May 5, 2017

The Case for Collagen

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the protein that makes up our hair, skin, bones, teeth, blood vessels, digestive tract, muscles, joints and connective tissue. Despite being one of the more widely used protein in our bodies, it is perhaps the least found in the Standard American Diet because we almost exclusively eat the meat, and throw away the hair, skin, bones, teeth, blood vessels, digestive tracts, joints and connective tissues of animals as these take longer to prepare into a bioavailable form such as a powder, gelatin, or broth.

What Kinds of Collagen are There?

According to Dr. Axe, there are at least 16 different types of collagen found in the body, but the majority is comprised of types 1, 2 and 3. If you are interested in the various types and where they go I highly recommend you read his post. If you take nothing else away from Dr. Axe site, you should note that (A) there are different kinds of collagen and (B) your body knows where to put them.

Are Collagen Supplements Effective?

A middle-aged Greek body builder once told me about the benefits of consuming unflavored gelatin that he would obtain from the butcher. Given his size and relative health, it clearly does a body good. You may have even noticed collagen advertised in topical beauty products. However, I can think of no better application for "you are what you eat" than with collagen. In this PubMed article, mice were fed a hydrolyzed collagen (gelatin) protein that was tagged with Carbon-14 radio isotopes. These mice were found to have twice as much radioactivity (twice as much collagen) in their joints than the control mice. Further proof that your body knows where to put the collagen.

What are Good Sources of Collagen?

Unless you have the time to properly process the carcasses of healthy animals, I strongly suggest supplementation. I am a huge fan of the Bulletproof Collagen Protein. I put two tablespoons in a double cup of coffee each morning. I have shared this tip with several of my coworkers and friends and they all have reported reduced pain and increased motion in joints such as elbows, knees and hips. Another great product is Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Stick Packs. The 16oz bag of Bulletproof Collagen is great for the home or office, but the Vital Protein Stick Packs are perfect for travelling.

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