Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kautious About Kale

Is it just me or are the leaves of Kale at the grocery stores getting smaller? Apparently there is growing concern over a Kale shortage and with good reason. Kale is one of the most popular super foods finding its way into salads, stuffing and smoothies everywhere.

Unfortunately, too much Kale can be hazardous to your health as the oxalic acid in Kale binds to calcium increasing risk of kidney stones and atherosclerosis as I discussed in my Do You K2? post.

One way to reduce your risk of a specific type of oxalic acid build up is to rotate your greens constantly. In the wild, ruminant animals will naturally go from patch to patch varying the sources, and therefore the types, of greens and oxalic acid.

Dave Asprey also has some upgrades to the Kale shake that will lower the oxalates. Steaming Kale does not work with my schedule right now, so I have resorted to Calcium Loading by adding cheese to my salad or a teaspoon of Calcium Citrate to my smoothie.

I got back on the Kale smoothie band wagon sometime after Christmas: several whole leaves of kale, a banana, berries, ice and water. Despite having Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast, the Kale shake would trash by Ketosis and raise my blood sugar 20-40 points. No Buenos.

I have resorted to swapping out all the fruit for a whole lemon, a"thumb" of ginger and a quarter sprig of cilantro. My coworkers enjoy seeing by the expression on my face, as this smoothie is rather tart. A small price to pay for a healthier liver and regular bowel movements, I would say.

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