Thursday, February 4, 2016

Micronutrients Kill People

With all the talk about gun regulation, I wanted to clear one thing up:

Guns cannot not kill people any more than cars can kill people, but a chemically impaired person with a gun or a car can kill someone else.

When bad things happen, the media often turns to firearm regulations over psychological misbehavior and the drugs intended to manage them. In this podcast, Dave Asprey interviewed Dr. William J. Walsh who has found, through extensive work with prison inmates, that an abundance or deficit of something as simple as copper can cause psychological misbehavior. 

If it is a micronutrient imbalance is the root cause of the psychological misbehavior, then it is unlikely that psychiatric drugs will be the solution. Could most of the violence in schools and churches be prevented with a robust vitamin program? Dr. Walsh seems to think so.

As you make your resolutions for the New Year, the good people of Vitamins on Demand and Calton Nutrition can help you meet your micronutrient goals.

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