Friday, September 9, 2016

Hacking Your Hotel, Part 3

Tip #3: Hack Your Environment

I am sure you have spent a sleepless night or two on account of a room that was too hot, too humid, or so dry that your nose would not stop running. In nature, the sun goes down, the earth cools down and excess humidity presents as dew providing the perfect environment for sleep. Replicating this environment in a hotel room is critical for obtaining good sleep when you travel.

Hacking Your Humidity

Most humans prefer around 70% humidity. Many hotels have dry air, certainly in the winter. Some even have poor bathroom fans, so hacking the humidity in the room is as simple as turning on the shower for 20 minutes. As Dave Asprey showed in his video, some bathroom vents might need to be blocked temporarily with a piece of tissue.

In the case of humid climates, the air conditioning and shower may make the room too humid. In this case, may require you turning on the heat for a little bit, but that may require you to gain control of the thermostat.

Hack Your Temperature

Whether your aim is to raise or lower the temperature in your room, it will require that you have access to it. Some energy conscious hotel chains now have motion sensor thermostats, which are about the useless device for people who do not toss and turn or wake up frequently in the night. Thanks to the internet, you can usually find ways to get into manual or VIP mode. I am all for reducing energy usage, but you can have more impact with how you ser your thermostat at home and my sleep comes first.

With the temperatyure and humidity to your liking, you should have fewer issues falling asleep and staying asleep.

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