Friday, September 23, 2016

Hacking Your Hotel, Part 4

Tip #4: Hack Your Coffee

Why would you spend the time cleaning your hotel coffee maker only to brew the substandard coffee packet that typically comes in most hotel rooms?

The Upgraded Coffee Coffee Cartridges come individually foil wrapped to maximize freshness. This makes them the perfect travel companion. Some hotels even have Keurig K-Cup machines in their rooms making a perfect cup of mold-free, mycotoxin-free coffee only a button push away.

Even if your hotel does not have such a machine, you can still have great quality coffee using your hotel coffee maker, two cups and the Upgraded Coffee cartridge with a trick I learned from one of Dave Asprey's videos.
  1. Empty coffee grounds into first cup.
  2. Use coffee machine to heat water.
  3. Add hot water to first cup.
  4. Let coffee grounds soak, stirring and tapping the cup on the counter periodically.
  5. After a few minutes the grounds should have settled.
  6. Decant the freshly brewed coffee into the second cup leaving the "mud" in the first cup.
  7. Enjoy.

For further ways to hack your coffee, see my post regarding Bulletproof Coffee. With a good night's rest and a good cup of coffee, you will be ready for whatever your travel has brought you to do.

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